Astronomers Discovered 2020CD3, ‘Mini-Moon’ Temporarily, Orbiting Earth

Universe has already one moon, but there has another moon that is circling the planet. This is called ‘Mini-Moon’. It cannot be visible by the naked eye. It is visible in the Earth’s orbit.

The major satellite of Earth’s is the moon and there have a million known asteroids. But astronomers think that they have found in February a second asteroid which is temporary in Earth’s orbit known as 2020 CD3.

Asteroids that are visible on the planet’s orbit are known as mini-moons. It is assumed that the diameter of the asteroid is approximately within 6ft to 12ft and it is temporarily visible in the earth’s orbit.

After a certain period of time, 2020 CD3 will move out of earth’s orbit and go back to its own space. Astronomers think that this will happen in the month of April.

Kacper Wierxchos, a researcher at NASA found the 2020 CD3 with the help of his colleague Theodore Pruyne. They made 30 observations of this asteroid in February. This researches should be clear and prominent.

Kacper Wierxchos tweeted “But it’s a big deal as out of one million known asteroids, this is just the second asteroid known to orbit Earth.”

The researchers think that the asteroid entered the earth’s orbit three years before by seeing its track according to Minor Planet Center(MPC).

Minor Planet Center is the only location throughout the world from there you will get the exact positional measurements of minor planets and natural satellites of this whole planet.

According to an IANS report, MPC officially said: “this object is temporarily bound to the Earth”.

“There has no proof of perturbations for the reason of solar radiation pressure is noticed, and no connection to a known unnatural object has been visible. Further monitoring and dynamical reports are surely recommended,” MPC further said.

A report said that 2020 CD3 Mini Moon is a small member of the same class of asteroids who is moving in the earth’s orbit.

Most of the time, these asteroids come close naturally or make a collision into the Earth. But, it will not happen for this time as 2020 CD3 is too tiny that it will have been drained in the environment before it will even try to touch the land of Earth.

“At any time, the Earth is something like to be in the company of at least one temporary mini-moon and the size is greater than one meter that makes at least one loop around the Earth’s orbit before it is collapsing”, according to a report that is published in ‘The population of natural Earth satellites’.

And, it is maybe on the path of escaping Earth’s orbit. On the basis of a report published by NASA, there have more than 200 known moons on the whole planet. Out of 200 known moons, most of the orbits of these moons are Jupiter and Saturn.

These mini-moons can’t able to orbit for a long span of time as the gravitational force pulls from the Sun and Earth’s natural permanent moon makes their orbits unsteady. These things happen but finding these things are very tough.

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