Asian Countries might have to plan for Covid-19 Precautions

Asian countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea followed strict immigration rules. They had already understood what was about to happen and took some drastic steps to curb the COVID – 19 pandemic. They are well aware of what happened two decades ago with SARS, how the economy and the people were affected.

Public health workers were appointed to look into the cases, their hospitals were prepared and the data was published to the mass. They took steps long before the world realized what was about to happen. However, in the last few weeks, these curves have taken a turn. The number of victims in these places is increasing sharply.

In Hong Kong, the number of cases jumped to 84 in a matter of 10 days. Similarly, the number of cases in Singapore went up to 47 and since then every day there are 70 new cases that are being confirmed. South Korea reported around 86 new cases as on3rd of April. These cases are much low compared to the number of cases in the United States. There are about 983 cases which went up to more than a 30k by April 2nd.

The most disturbing fact is that the numbers were going down when suddenly it has taken a turn and there is a sharp rise in the number of affected ones. It looks really worse but then it is alarming as well. The US might have to prepare itself for the next phase of the pandemic.

The Asian countries got this from commuters who travelled from China. The numbers were really less in the beginning and then suddenly it increased as the number of people coming in from other countries kept increasing. The number of imported cases from Europe was quite high as said by an epidomelogit from the University of Hong Kong.

These led to an increase in the number of local cases. They were not linked to any travel history. Yet they got affected due to the immigrants. All flights were cancelled and measures were taken long before WHO instructed. Yet nothing much was done to control the already spread pandemic within the barriers. This is what led it to spread further. It won’t be easy to eliminate it. The only hope can be a proper treatment or vaccine. Taking every step to slow the spread is the only thing that can be done as of now with the help of health workers.

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