Apple’s new products like iWatch

Apple Watch Sport Edition: $349 (38mm); $399 (42mm)

Apple Watch: $549-$1049 (38mm); $599-$1099 (42mm)

Apple Watch Edition: $10,000 and up (and up, and up)

Preorders start on April 10th, with availability slated for April 24th. And while that Apple Watch Edition price might seem crazy, there’s a perfectly good explanation.

Otherwise, this is the same Apple Watch you’ve seen before. It offers some clever messaging and communication tools, like letting you share a drawing on your display with a fellow Apple Watch wearer in real time. It includes health monitoring tools, like an an accelerometer and heart rate monitor, and will help keep track of your fitness goals and nag you when you’re not meeting them. It plays nice with Siri and Apple Pay. You can use it for phone calls, even though if you have any common decency you probably shouldn’t. All pretty familiar!

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