Apple May Make It Easier To Change the Brightness of iPad Keyboard

Apple is continuously and reportedly testing a new solution to make it easier for their customer to change the brightness levels on the ipad keyboard. As per the brand new code analyzed by 9to5ma, A beta variation of iPad os 13.5.5 has a keyboard that changes faster ways. It changes the brightness of keyboard backlighting as well as the brightness of the iPad screen. The Apple iPad Pro 2020 models didn’t feature any important upgrade as compared to the device that released two years ago. To change the brightness level, the customer has to go to the setting and choose multiple options, and then they change brightness, but now apple adds a shortcut for that. You can easily change the light with the help of a keyboard.

How does it work?

The report by 9to5 Mac does not mention that the brightness feature may be rolled out anytime soon, but Apple is working on this solution to fix the long process of changing the brightness levels. For those people who use iPad for their office or any serious work, having a function row to go to the setting quickly but apple wants to add something new. The magic keyboard attaches magnetically to iPad pro and has a feature a full-size keyboard along with backlit keys and also has a scissor mechanism, which delivers 1mm travel. It houses a USB-C pass with the help of charging port that keeps the USB-C port on ipad pro free for attaching accessories and display and external drives.
It also supports the feature of multi-touch gestures on the trackpad. This magic keyboard is specially designed to work along with the new iPad pro. However, this magic keyboard is also compatible with all old ipad pro models like iPad Air 2, iPad Pro models, iPad mini 4 and later, and iPad 5th generation and later. Moreover, Apple has recently announced that ipados 13.5 with many updates and features. This update makes it easier for the customer to unlock their device with a mask. If the customer wear mask this feature detects it unlock your device.

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