Everything We Know About Apple iPad Pro 2018

Bro’, this article is all about Apple iPad Pro

Apple, in its second fall event in Newyork, came with few most creative products and iPad was the highlight of the show. This top of line product has redesigned and repackaged and has come up with a refreshingly new look with the modern and stylish design.

It comes in two sizes 11 inches and a 12.9-inch screen. This new Apple iPad Pro is very simple to use and gesture-driven. It comes with Liquid Retina Display which creates a paper-like screen effect which in turn offers a more natural viewing experience. It has cut down on its edges for that softer panel and has been modeled as an ultra-thin to give a lightweight feel. It has a camera which can be used to scan the documents. It comes with an anti-reflective screen.

iPad Pro comes with USB-C, so you can easily connect with more devices. iPad Pro can unlock using your face in any orientation. It has an A12X Bionic chip that can be used for Photoshop and other Augmented Reality apps.

New enhanced Apple Pencil

It comes in matt rubbery finish. It has magnets and the flat side with a dedicated spot on the side of the Apple iPad Pro that snaps and helps in charging wirelessly. So this feature will keep the pencil always charged and ready to use.  It also touches sensitive, so with tap and double tap, you can easily switch between the tools.

The 11 inch Apple iPad Pro starts at $799 and 12.9 inch iPad Pro starts at $999. It is being coined as the legitimate laptop replacement but still, a long way to go before any confirmation comes up.

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