Apple Glasses – Sleek as Hell Smart Glasses by Apple

Smart wearable technology has been in the market for quite some time. This also extends to wearable smart eyeglasses and the Apple Glasses which are the perfect example of this technology. Apple is developing the technology for the Apple Glasses and the company is likely to launch the product in March-June 2021 timeframe. There are many reports about the features and designs of the Apple Glasses and there are reports that the latest design of the product makes the Apple Glasses “Sleek as Hell”. The following are the details about the Apple Glasses and the details about its launch:

Launch of Apple Glasses

There are two conflicting reports about the launch date of Apple Glasses and there is quite some time before this new Apple product will be launched in the market. Ming-Chi Kuo, who is a long time Apple analyst, told investors that Apple Glasses will be available in the market at the earliest in 2022. Jon Prosser who has seen the new prototype of the Apple Glasses thinks that the product will be launched between March and June of 2021 which is much sooner than expected. However, that still means that there is at least one more year for this product to launch in the market. The Apple Glasses will be launched after the launch of iPad Mini which is likely to be launched in late 2020 or 2021.

The Apple Glasses – Design and Features

Apple is still looking to generate more interest in the Apple Glasses as it currently has not piqued high interest and anticipation among customers. Jon Prosser has seen the new Apple Glasses product and claims that the design of the smart glasses is “sleek as hell”. The Apple Glasses are still in the development stage of the product cycle and the product is still likely to go through different changes before the exact design and functionality of the product are fixed before launch. The design and features are likely to play an important role in deciding whether there is a broad market for this type of product as a new type of product means that customers have to be convinced of its use.

Apple has a history of launching products that are new and innovative and which are likely to become part of the daily life of customers. This includes the iPhones, the iPad tablets, the small mini hairdryer like air pods and so the Apple Glasses are likely to gain momentum and interest in the market shortly.

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