Apple Announces New 13-inch Macbook Pro with New Magic Keyboard and 256GB Base Storage

Apple has upgraded its macbook Pro lineup, and they are launching the new 13-inch macbook pro with a magic keyboard. They use a magic keyboard in this new macbook instead of using a butterfly keyboard. The best part of this new macbook Pro model is that it has 10th generation intel core processors. This processor delivers more than 80% faster experience compared to the previous 13 inch macbook pro model. The company also provides 16GB of RAM in the base configuration as well as 256 GB of SSD. Moreover, users can get more than 32GB RAM upgrade and more than 4TB of storage as well.

Features and specifications of 13-inch macbook pro

New 13-inch macbook launch with a 13.3 inch LED-backlit IPS display that is the same as the previous model of Macbook.  The display panel of this macbook has 2560*1600 pixels resolutions, which brings 500 NITS brightness and 227 PPI pixel densities. It has new graphics that help in 4k video edit and offers a smoother gameplay experience compare to what you would find on the predecessor. The other feature of the new 13-inch macbook Pro has an option to join and connect the new macbook pro with pro display XDR and available 6k resolution. The new 13-inch macbook Pro has many other features, and you will definitely get the best experience.

13-inch macbook pro real price in India and availability details

The price of a 13-inch macbook Pro in India starts at Rs 122990. However, Apple has not announced any details of availability because of the ongoing lockdown. They mentioned that after launching a new model of macbook, it would be available on Apple authorized reseller in the new days. The new model macbook pro will be available in the US at the starting price of $1,299 means 98,300 rupees. However, they also offer approx 100$ means 7600 rupees discount, especially for those who are related to the education field in the US.

The new 13-inch macbook Pro has a magic keyboard, which apple offered to the 16 inch macbook pro in the last year of November. You will also get a touch bar for touch controls.

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