First American Sikh climbs Mount Everest

Hills and Mountains have been a delight to view and fascinating to climb for many centuries, since civilizations have evolved across the seven continents. We have been closely following stories of mountaineering and trekking by enthusiasts who have always loved climbing most of the famous and some unknown mountains in a pursuit to conquer the impossible for the world or in a clandestine search to unfold mysteries hidden beyond human imagination.

Meet Mr.Ricky Singh
“I would come back every time more motivated,” Singh said. “I would come back with more ideas for my businesses. I would come back with more empathy. It just made me a better person.”

As kids many must have read about the stories of the conquering of Mt. Everest by Sir. Edmund Hillary (New Zealand) who was a mountaineer& philanthropist along with Nepali-Indian Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay on May 23, 1953. They were the first mountaineers to have achieved this feat, as the peak of Mt. Everest is the highest on the Earth. Since then, many enthusiasts tried emulating this feat. Some succeeded and many failed. We will learn about one such achiever today.

Gurinder Ricky Singh, an Indian-American and a mountaineer from Delaware, USA, reached the highest Summit of his feats till date, on May 21, 2019. He achieved this feat after climbing for 6 weeks. He was accompanied by a Sherpa called Phurba who guided him and supported on his journey to reach the Summit. This was his 5th time on Everest and he wants to go back again to climb even higher Summit. The Everest beckoned him for years following which he got trained rigorously over a period of 3 years to climb the highest peak of the World.

Delaware man Climbs Everest

Ricky Singh had a preparation of 2 months in Nepal before he started his journey to the Everest. In addition to this, he climbed various mountains in Nepa before this including Lobuche peak 6000 meters and Mount Manasalu 8163 meters.

He also is a marathoner in the USA. Ricky did a great amount of planning before embarking onto this ambitious trip. He had to carry a heavy back containing an oxygen cylinder, some food, and other essential goods. He used a Garmin tracker that has GPS navigation feature to allow his family and friends to learn about the progress of his trip. His trip was full of adventures, excitement, emotions, and tragedies, as he saw his fellow climbers dying on their way to the Summit. In 2019, 12 climbers died on Everest and Ricky knew most of them from staying with them and interacting with them at the Base camp of the Everest and various other camps. To see them dying on Everest has been one of the most painful memories of the Everest climb.

Despite going through the toughest weather and some harsher moments, Ricky vows to go back to Everest in the near future as he dreams to conquer the highest Summit like the ones who conquered the mighty Everest in the past. His achievement is truly amazing and worth emulating for all those who believe that there is nothing impossible in this world. He has done all the Indians proud while bringing a lot of energy to all his friends in the USA. Ricky has made this achievement sound as if we all can emulate it in the near future. We wish to follow suit but must be cautious to be in this shoesJ. We wish him all the very best!!!

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