An implant that heals with electric power

In the last 2 centuries field of medicine advanced incredibly beyond human imagination. Human beings will continue to depend on medicines and medical treatments for eternity, as it is inevitable. Wounds caused across various parts of a body take their own time to heal and this time is unique to everyone. Those who have tolerance tend to bear the pain while many cannot wait for the same way. Hence, doctors explore ways to put them out of misery by prescribing different treatments based on their tolerance levels and speed of recovery post surgeries and major operations.

We heard in the past about electrical pulses that help in healing wounds, by promoting tissue growth. An experimental new implant uses that same principle to aid in the regeneration of cardiac tissue, potentially delaying or even removing the need to go for heart transplants.

Collaboration between the Medical University of Vienna and Vienna General Hospital, a device is made by German company Berlin Heals that is in the phase of trials. It’s aimed to assist patients aggrieved with dilative cardiomyopathy, a condition where a person’s heart muscle degrades to the point where it cannot contract sufficiently.

We all know that the treatments given currently in such cases include drug regimens or the implantation of pacemakers which are not risk-free and may cause some unknown distress at times, although when those approaches aren’t sufficient, a complete heart transplant is often necessary. That’s where the new device comes into the picture.

Known as the C-MIC (Cardiac Micro-current) unit, it’s laparoscopically implanted under general anesthetic via two small incisions. It incorporates two electrodes, one of which is applied to the outside of the heart in the form of a patch, and one of which is inserted in one of the ventricles.

Source: Newatlas

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