An Australian family accidentally ordered 2304 rolls of toilet paper

The world is not ending but most of the people are shopping as it seems or amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Due to coronavirus the face mask, canned food, hand mask, sanitizer have been flying off the shelves but the other panic seems to surround toilet paper.

An Australian family ordered 48 boxes of toilet paper instead of 48 rolls accidentally. A haidee janetzki, who lives in a Toowoomba, city of Australia, bought 2304 rolls of toilet paper in February from online a service. Though she mostly orders 48 rolls every three months but in February she ordered 48 boxes of toilet paper rolls accidentally and the amount of this product is above the US $2000.

However, Haidee janetzki ordered 48 boxes of toilet paper rolls by mistake but this large purchase turned out to be a blessing in disguise. In Australia, in the entire grocery store shelves empty from toilet paper. Therefore people found difficulties in buying toilet paper while preparing for possible coronavirus outbreaks. According to Reuters, when people panic and face trouble bought toilet this time janetzki was able to resell the toilet paper rolls at the same price at which they bought from the online service. She said she is using this money to help pay for her daughter’s education or upcoming school trip. She starts selling the toilet paper rolls of people at the same price and saves money for their daughter.

She did not check the credit card bill until the pallets of toilet paper were delivered to southern Queensland State, at her home. Janetzki told ABC news of Australia, I wrote 48 quantities because I thought I will receive a box with 48 rolls in it. She added, a couple of days later, I got an email that says your order on the way. On Monday when courier reached our home the courier boy said, I have got two palates of toilet paper for you. After that, I checked the credit card statement for figuring out what would make a mistake and I would order 48 boxes and it was my mistake.

In recent weeks, most of the retailers across Australia have seen toilet paper rolls empty and some of them have even restricted the number of rolls customers can buy, CNN reported. Because of the coronavirus outbreaks, the panic buy has spread across Australia, Singapore, hongkong and more despite the government’s request to discourage stockpiling. While it is unclear and confusing why toilet paper is being stockpiled the frank Farley clear it is pretty normal. Frank Farley is a professor at Temple University and former president of the American psychological association the CNN told.

However, the toilet paper does not provide any special type of protection against COVID 19 but this disease occurs due to coronavirus that has infected more than 1 lakh people and killed up to 4000 people worldwide. The WHO said, the best way to avoid this disease is to wash your hand but they do not say anything about toilet paper.

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