An App that can Control Fridge

With the technological advancements soaring new heights, we are getting to learn about really impressive breakthroughs in various fields of Science. We have drones that can monitor anything from anywhere in the world. Those who are fond of traveling always need portable gear to manage themselves in locations that are way too far from the human civilizations. One such gear we are talking about here. It is a portable fridge that has superior features to help travel freaks and enthusiasts in storing their most sought after foods while on the go.

Iceco is one of the latest compact car camping gadgets, a super-portable fridge/freezer that looks as much like a digital picnic basket as an in-vehicle refrigerator. The handy freezer Go20 keeps your food fresh and drinks cold without the need for messy ice. Iceco can be mounted to your Car and it can keep your food and beverages fresh for as long as you want. It is sleek and slim and has better features than the usual cooling equipment used to freeze foods and drinks. Iceco is unique because it was developed from automotive refrigeration solutions for major badges like Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, and Volvo designs that include the console cooler below. 

There is a lot of noise in the market about this product and it is priced at $799.

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