AHA: the new baby of COCA-COLA is soon to reach you all

The 21st-century global population has become very health conscious and that has impacted a lot of food and beverage chains in many ways. People have started detesting sugar, fat and foods that are not organic. Growing cases of deaths due to diabetes and high blood pressure have been quite alarming in the USA. Who would like to invest on medical bills than on eating healthy food? These changes have tickled many popular chains of food and beverages in the USA and Europe.

For the first time in 10 years, the soft drink giant Coca Cola planned to introduce a new drink without Sugar. This is a daring step from the beverage giant but it had to do it to counter its competitor LaCroix. It is believed that this move can affect Coke’s overall water business. The news became a sensation yesterday when Coke announced about the new seltzer names as AHA which will hit the stores across the globe in March 2020.AHA will come in eight flavors like lime and watermelon, strawberry and cucumber, orange and grapefruit, apple and ginger, blueberry and pomegranate, and peach and honey, including two (Citrus Green Tea and Black Cherry + Coffee) with 30 mg of caffeine. These new entrants will plan to grab the market share of PepsiCo’s swelling Bubly line. AHA is going to be a substitute for Coke’s existing Dasani sparkling water.

According to a survey from Nielsen, Sales of Coke’s water business have not been impressive. The total bottled water business in the U.S. (still and sparkling) is up by just 5%. Nielsen data guesses Coke has around a 14% market share of the U.S. Water business. In the market of North America this is the third largest as a percentage of revenue behind sparkling beverages and juice, dairy and plant-based drinks.

Coke is confident to gain an advantage on finally pulling the trigger on a water business overhaul and it’s sure to add a new layer of growth in 2020. AHA’s cans look attractive though the name is a bit unusual. AHA drinks are calorie-free and sugar-free. They will be sold individually and in multi-packs when they hit the global markets in March 2020.

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