AER-A Smart Hair Dryer, which is User Friendly.

Just imagine the pleasure of drying your hair in your bathtub or the balcony! How about walking around the house as the hairdryer dries your hair?

All this has been made possible by AER hairdryer, which is cordless and battery operated but ‘ Smart’ too!

Let us look at its innovative features:

1. Artificial intelligence:

The smartphone app consistently updates the firmware and personalizes the hairdryer to your styling preferences. The personalization changes to match the condition of your hair. The heat flow reduces step by step as the hair gets drier, thus preventing excess heat flow, which damages the hair.

2. Ionizer:

The unique ionizer removed the ions in your body, thus wiping out the static charge found in hair.

3. Batteries:

The State of the art lithium-Silicon batteries has smart technology built in it.

The batteries sustain up to 4 hours on a medium heat setting. In case if the battery power is on the way down, connect it to the main source and dry your hair in full heat.

4. Automatic settings:

The AER has 13 sensors and combines it with Artificial Intelligence. This allows it to measure the temperature along with Humidity outside. The fan speed gets regulated along with heat settings, and the hair thus gets dried in the quickest way possible.

5. Design:

The AER bears an aesthetic look but with brains inside it.

The design is Ergonomic, thus allowing the user to hold it conveniently and move it in any direction they wish to. It is lightweight, at just 2Lbs and allows easy portability, especially when you travel.

6. Other Features:

  • The indicators or switch are lit up by LED lights
  • The concentrator comes in two shapes, which are comprehensive and narrow to enable better focus.


This attachment spreads the emitted air from the dryer equally throughout. It attempts to remove the Frizz and retains the natural pattern of hair.


AER dryer comes in two unique colors. Basic black accompanied by a titanium trim or a hunter white or green.


The AER dryer has proven its mettle and justified the thousands of hard work to scale the heights of technology never been climbed before.

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