Adidas Smart Ball

A perfect Father’s Day gift.

If you feel your father is an athletic person and he has a passion for playing football then this is a perfect gift for him. This is not only out of the box gift idea but you can provide him a ball that will help him master the art of playing football. Also, you can always sway him with the tag line “Smart People need Smart Gifts”. This smart ball would help him to perfect the sport that he loves the most.

Adidas has come up with a revolutionary idea of improving your football skills with this smart football. It is made of polyurethane. This ball uses six-axis MEMS accelerometer sensor package which will record your strike point, speed, spin, and trajectory when you kick the ball. As the sensor package is located in the center of the ball, it continuously measures the ball’s movement and transmits the data to a smartphone or tablet through the app.

It can be integrated with Bluetooth smart devices using iOS, Android and Windows. It is termed as the world’s first intelligent and app-enabled soccer ball. Based on the real-time data you can change your kicking style and train yourself in a manner that would help you to improve the game.

This ball can be kicked 2000 times/week before it needs the next recharge and this is due to the lithium-ion polymer battery that is embedded inside the ball that will power the data logging, onboard MEMS and Bluetooth smart wireless electronics.

If you want to make the day special and if you feel this gift is the perfect gift for your Dad, then I would say that it is the best gift that you can ever give him. Make him feel loved, make him feel happy.

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