About Us

Did the Kardashian stories tire you out??

Or “news” about this sports star having a fight with that one ?

Or that some Politician said something about a media person ?

Internet is full of so called “news” that has no use to our daily lives.

We get surprised that info about a new app that can help track and get cheap airline tickets was provided by a friend, or that info about an upcoming device monitoring Glucose 24 hours was given by a relative, instead of Google or some news website.

BoringPortal.com (owned by Kleanview Inc, USA) is a platform to get, share and search information about latest and useful innovative products and services.

Our Leadership team consists of the following-

Vinti Sharma- Founder – sansh@boringportal.com

Nikhil Sharma- Head of Operations- nick@boringportal.com