About Us

Did the Kardashian stories tire you out??

Or “news” about this sports star having a fight with that one ?

Or that some Politician said something about a media person ?

Internet is full of so called “news” that has no use to our daily lives.

We get surprised that info about a new app that can help track and get cheap airline tickets was provided by a friend, or that info about an upcoming device monitoring Glucose 24 hours was given by a relative, instead of Google or some news website.

BoringPortal.com (owned by Kleanview Inc, USA) is a platform to get, share and search information about latest and useful innovative products and services.

Our Leadership team consists of the following-

Sanjeev Sharma- Chief Innovation Officer:

Sanjeev is author of award winning book ‘5 Core Methods of Innovation’ and has taught business innovation and finance at leading business schools in New York and Asia. He may be reached at sansh@boringportal.com or ciframeworks@yahoo.com

Nikhil Sharma- Head of Operations- nick@boringportal.com