A very affordable earthquake alarm for Mexicans

Mexico is one of the most seismologically active regions on earth, where a number of earthquakes and volcanic activities occur. In 1991, seismic Alert system was developed and was placed near major fault lines along Mexico’s Pacific coast. This system will sound the alarm whenever it detects an earthquake. These are placed only near public places because normal people can’t afford for their own home due to it’s very high cost.

The drawback of this system was that many people may not be aware of the earthquake alert when they are at their home. A scientist by name Andres Meira, found a solution by bringing signals from this seismic alert system to a device invented by him called ‘Grillo system‘. The device looks like a small cube that taps into the special frequencies that seismic alert system operates on and relays that information to its users, most affordable device which costs $50 and the people can be alerted within fraction of seconds, thus saving many lives.

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