A new device sets the trend among weird beat making gadgets

Did you ever think about keeping music at your fingertips?

Well, now you can actually do it with the help of this weird yet handy gadget. Popularly known as music fingers, this gadget is a clip-like device that makes music with the help of your fingers. With this gadget, you can create a beat of your own at any surface regardless of material.

Moreover, the device is wearable, and as the name suggests, you can wear it directly on your fingers. After that, this gadget connects through its companion app with the help of a Bluetooth connection and makes sick beats.

There are two buttons in the clips that are used for loops and sounds respectively. After you’ve successfully assigned each of your two fingers their job, you can start making your own beats by just beating or tapping the surface with the help of your fingers.

People are calling it the weirdest gadget to produce music. However, there have been a lot of previous attempts as well to make gadgets that make great beats in a bizarre way. For example, there was a gadget formerly known as There’s Oddball. There’s Oddball used as a drum machine in the form of a bouncy ball. Isn’t it actually very-very weird?

Next up were gloves that can convert your hands into musical instruments to make a whole orchestra out of your hands. There’s also MIDI rings that could be utilized to produce vibratos of your own with the help of fingers.

These gadgets are undoubtedly innovative, and music fingers are also one of them that is trying to revolutionize the way we create music. However, all these trends are noticed to be fallen soon, and the expectations with music fingers are no exception.

Therefore, there is a likeability of this trend to fall as well. However, one thing is clear that as long as such gesture devices come and go, we can have a fun time with them and can enjoy the weird yet practical innovations.

Talking about the companies that produce these gadgets, all those companies aim to provide the art and effectivity of music to all the people who are not capable of practising music professionally. Moreover, these companies also aim to give the musicians an expressive control to do a better performance while on stage.

However, in the case of music fingers, the former reason sounds more subtle and relatable. The company claims that the music fingers must be used for playing beats while naturally tapping your fingers when a song is playing.

Although the concept is excellent and sounds appealing, the trend of this device is likely to fall very soon. Moreover, it is coming up with an extravagant price of $70 for two pieces that is pretty high if we compare the features that they are providing.

Moreover, you can never feel the same amount of excitement that you get when a drummer goes crazy with these music fingers. However, if you want to get your fingers to produce music, you can feel free to get a pair for yourselves.

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