A Multi-Functioning Neck Massager by COSE

In this stressful life, people often suffer from body pain and more often neck pain because they spend a lot of time on computers, TV, mobile phone, or other electronic gadgets. It may be for entertainment or a job.

This leads to neck pain and it is very harmful. But now the COSE has come up with a neck massager that helps these people out to get relief from the neck aches. It is fashionable, portable, and the most importantly affordable! 

The battery life of this gadget is long enough, it can work up to 8 hours in a single full charge. A person can use this for 4 years if he/she uses it regularly and if one desires to replace the battery it will be better to contact the company. This massager works on EMS+TENS technology.

The EMS will mimic signals that come from CNS that will help in the contracting of neck muscles and hence promoting strength and flexibility.

 While the TENS technology delivers small electric impulses via the skin that aids in flooding the nervous system, and it will then result in reduced pain and also will stimulate the body so that it makes up natural relievers for pain that are called endorphins.

Well, not just this but it also has the infrared and thermotherapy that aids in caring for the aching muscles.

Talking of the daily maintenance then one can simply clean it by the use of mild detergent and using a soft piece of cloth. If it requires a deep cleaning then first turn off the device and then clean it with moistened cotton buds never try to clean it with the corrosive detergents. 

Its campaign funding is going good as they have an average fund of over $78.46 per day and they were able to reach their goal in 23 days. 

One can pledge for it too. They have provided different packages for it. First is the early bird package that will provide 1 COSE massager for 45% off. The second one is the kick-starter package that also has 1 COSE massager with 30% off on it.

The next one is the kick starter couple package that provides 2 COSE massager for 35% off similarly there are other two more packages for triple and family persons with 35% off.

This gadget applies to almost everyone but still, it would be better to take advice from a doctor and then use it for the ones who deal with epilepsy, pregnant women, heart problems,malignant tumor, someone with a pacemaker or something similar to that, and one with high fever.

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