A.I. Powered Table Tennis Playing Robot

Over the last decade technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in such a way that it has changed the way we travel, the way we do things at home, how to utilize the technology in monitoring our health and many more. Artificial Intelligence has intertwined in our day-to-day activities like healthcare, security, transportation, education, sports, entertainment, etc. that life without them is void. 

We can very easily say that artificial intelligence in the field of sports has been phenomenal. They have transformed the way sports are played and the level of competence that can be brought in among players. Robots are adroit and can be helpful in mastering the art. One such participation of robots in the field of sports is the tennis playing robot that has been developed by Omron.

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This ping pong playing robot will help the players to improve the human skills. The artificial technology is working in conjunction with sensing technology. The sensors will recognize the player, location of the player and ball. It can be used to improve the skills and thus enhancing the skill level.

Forfheus, the table tennis tutor is not designed to make you lose the game but it will mentor you to polish your strokes and helps you to better your skills. The camera that is pointing to the player captures the mood of the player, blink rate, heart rate thus engaging you to play the right game. Like, if you are in good mood it would up the level a bit thus making it more competitive, if you are slowly getting frustrated it would reduce the level thus helping you to improve your strokes. There is a screen display where it tells the player the best possible way to serve and how to improve the game and for a well-rounded game.

This has been developed to comprehend the evolution of symbiotic relationship between robots and humans. Good initiative taken up by Omron.

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