Inverted Umbrella

Rain, rain go away, come again another day…A very popular nursery rhyme but really whenever it rains I see people fretting and fuming and I always ponder, why do people have to ask rain to go away…..I mean we can still run our errands or do our own stuff  enjoying our daily dose of rain.

Grab your umbrella and enjoy the weather. But wait, those conventional umbrellas are big, bulky and make the water drip on you once you close it. What the Hell !! Fret no more as this Inverted Umbrella is a boon for us.  These inverted umbrellas also are termed as reversible umbrellas. Did I say reversible umbrella?? Yes you bet…Umbrella that opens and closes in reverse direction. Thus leaving you all dry and clean. It comes with a C shaped handle in which you can slide your hand through, multi tasking, without even holding onto the handle. It is that simple and easy.

The base of the umbrella supports its standing position, thus no looking for any support. Two layered protection cover helps in keeping it in open position even on a sunny windy day.  From a plethora of colors, choose your color as per your mood. Best part is, if you enter or exit your car during rain, you get wet closing or opening the traditional umbrella, but with this reversible umbrella you can close or open sitting inside your car and you won’t get wet as the water gets trapped inside. Ingenious invention worth a BUY!!

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