5 Facials for that Glowing Radiant Look

It is a month of marriages and festivities and we all gear up to look good. A little prep up really helps us to tide over the big day. Howsoever much we apply makeup but still, we need to take care of the skin, because healthy skin speaks volumes. And any makeup on that radiant skin will only be a cherry on the cream.

We always should be consistent on our skincare routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. But, with this, we also would require some supplements like Vitamin C to help reduce the damaging effects on the skin due to ultraviolet rays. Besides these supplements, we should always remember to step out in the sun with the right PF sunscreen.

Besides these daily DIY routines that we do, we also require expert’s help who can bring out that glowing and radiant skin in no time with the facials. We have a plethora of options available in the market but today I will be discussing a few unique facials which did catch my eye.

  1. Hydrafacial

It is carried out using the patented technology of cleansing, extracting and hydrating with serums. It hydrates, smoothens, refines, restores and firms up your skin. It removes excess sebum and oil, hydrates the skin and makes it soft, smooth and radiant.

  1. Intraceutical facial

It is a revolution in the field of facials. It is a non-invasive treatment which would give visibly instant results. They will shoot the skin with serums through high pressured oxygen bubble and it will make the skin supple, firmer, and radiant and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This facial will give instant radiant and supple skin.

Oxygen Facial at Abbracci Med Spa
  1. Leech Facial

Can’t vouch on this one whether it is good one or bad, but many celebrities are into it for blemish-free, softer and younger-looking skin. The saliva from the leeches is known to do magic for your skin. They suck out the impure blood and releases enzymes into the blood which heals the skin and makes it radiant.

  1. Vampire Facial

Have you ever wondered that one day we will be listening to these kinds of facials? We always knew Vampires as blood-sucking people now we are the same people who are getting facials done in their name…crazy isn’t it 😊 Take the blood from the body and then it undergoes the process of centrifugation to separate the plasma and the RBCs and then injecting the plasma back into your face. It promotes a youthful glow and supple-looking skin. Also, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Improves skin texture.

So, this wedding season which facial are you going for…..for that radiant looking skin three things that would surely give you some benefit. Proper Sleep, Proper Diet and Proper Exercise. Happy Wedding!!

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