5 Best Free Android Apps

With the ever-increasing number of mobile users, the Google play store is also getting flooded with different flavors of “Apps”. The usage of mobile apps has increased ten folds because through apps we can easily connect and interact with the customers. But since the past few years, the numbers of apps are only increasing so to reach a staggering number of 2.6 million approximately.

In this article, we have come up with the 5 best free android apps which are popular as per the said categories. This article is just a tip of your iceberg and it cannot match with the infinite variety of apps that are there on Google Store. So, I would like you to customize this article to suit your needs.

1. Health and Fitness App – SWORKIT

With today’s sedentary lifestyle, we need to work out to keep ourselves fit and active the whole day long, and also it has been seen that active people are more productive in their work front also. As per the recent survey, people with such apps tend to be more fit and active.

SWORKIT means “Simply Work It”. It is the perfect health and fitness app for people who love to sweat it out and keep fit. It is a collection of 200+ workouts which you can customize as per your need. Also, there is a separate workout regimen for the kids, thus making it versatile in the literal sense. So this app uses interval training with random exercises to increase the effectiveness of the workout without the body getting used to one set of exercises.

2. Photography Apps – Snapseed

Nowadays, people would like to capture and keep the special moments sealed with them no matter where they are and what they do. Everybody has smartphones with them and as all smartphones are camera equipped so we are always ready to click and capture.

Snapseed is one of the best free photo editors available on Android. It comes with simple and advanced tools. It maintains the equilibrium between amateur and professional photo editing. All edits are non-destructive, so at the end, if you don’t like the changes, you can always revert to original one. It is equipped with a load of features and the best part is it is for FREE…)

3. VPN Apps – NordVPN

Virtual Private Network or VPN is needed to protect your privacy and encrypt your data, thus keeping your data safe and secure. Robust VPN with an excellent interface. It covers 61 countries with 4875 servers. NordVPN has added a feature called CyberSec, which allows companies to block ads and potentially dangerous URLs. They have also been awarded Best Customer Service.

4. Navigation Apps – Here We Go

Google Maps are the only navigation app that we can think of, but here We Go is another such navigation app that can give Google Map a serious competition. It has a simple and clean interface with excellent navigation mode. We can download maps for offline use. It also shows traffic information and public transit maps.

5. Restaurant Apps – Yelp

If you are a foodie and love to invest in the right kind of food joint then Yelp app is the one for you. It is free and safe to download. It has more than 100 million restaurants and business reviews worldwide. You can discover new foods, hot spots, places for shopping and new businesses near you. Because of the reviews and search filters, it narrows down the results to a much-advanced level thus making it easier for you. You can browse photos, menus and make reservations.


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