3Dazer, app driven smart laser measurer

3Dazer is the first app-driven, smart laser measuring device on the market with the ability to easily measure and keep your project data well organized and stored on your iPhone to access anytime, anywhere. The sharing feature makes collaboration with other team members more efficient allowing the job to go smoother. Switching easily between the attached mode and remote mode provide the flexibility to fit any measuring situation. Being compatible with the iPhone enables the 3Dazer to use the iPhone’s advanced embedded sensors thereby making it more powerful.┬áThe measurements are saved in a well-organized system on the user’s iPhone. The label function enables the user to take photos and mark up the images with measurement lines, text The most significant function of this app, together with the 3Dazer device, is INDIRECT MEASURE that enables you to measure any straight line distance between 2 points. It helps professionals to substantially speed up the measuring process, organize and manage all their projects and data. Notes or voice memos. Access the information from anywhere. The user’s data can be uploaded to a secure cloud account to be easily shared with other team members. The recipients can view it on any device just as they view shared contents via Dropbox or Google Drive. The 3Dazer is small and lightweight making it convenient to have with you at all times. It comes with a soft, drawstring pouch so you can keep it in your purse or pocket. The attractive design makes it a fitting accessory to the iPhone. ios App and portable laser device with box contents: laser measurer, charging cord, carrying pouch and snap-on iPhone case. You can create and manage your project, name it, record client information, add photos, label the photos with notes or voice memos, measure spaces and sketch a floor plan for anytime, anywhere access.

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