2020 – New Year, New Start

We shall be discussing 20 things in this article for 2020. First and foremost, I would like to wish all my readers of Boring Portal a Happy New Year and a great decade ahead. We started this practice of writing about something unique, creative and innovative. Each time we try to come up with articles that would enthral and enchant the readers and all this is made possible because of you. This article would be talking about 20 things that happened, that could be avoided in New Year and how they could be implemented in our daily life for a better tomorrow.

We often take new year as a yardstick to examine what has gone wrong, how physically fit we are. In this article, we would talk of things that can be used to elevate our spiritual and mental health.


A common mental health that leads to lack of interest and to be in persistently depressed mood. It affects people from all walks of life, be it old, young, male or female. There are different factors that lead to depression. As per statistics, the people coming under this have increased tremendously over the last year. Let us take a step to fight this problem this new year. Consult a doctor, it is never too late. Try to set goals for yourself and try to achieve them on daily basis. Discuss your problem with someone. Sharing only helps. Eat healthy, exercise and sleep properly.

Anxiety Attacks

  • Many people opened up regarding this issue, be it celebrities or politicians. But before arriving at a conclusion we need to understand what an anxiety attack is and how it is different from depression. People who are often restless, lack concentration and feel tensed because they worry about something too much. It is very important to understand the subtle difference between these two and work accordingly. If you have lack of concentration, sleep disturbance, irritability, restlessness, excessive worry, it is better to get yourself checked for anxiety distress.

Bipolar Disorder

Environment and lifestyle is one of the factors which lead to this bipolar disorder. In this, the person affected will have extreme mood swings and extreme shift in the activity levels. It is very much treatable if treated at correct time.

Aggressive personality disorder

Now-a-days we are experiencing more of aggressive personality disorders, mainly among teenagers and those in early twenties. To deal with this kind of disorder can be very frustrating. Mostly we can see these aggressive behaviours in kids because of the kind of games that are hooked to. Social media also plays a very important role in it.

Psychotic Behaviour

It is an abnormal behaviour into thinking of something which is not there. They lose touch with reality. The main symptoms are hallucinations and delusions.

These are just the tip of an iceberg and in the past few years we have seen an upward trend. We need to come up with something which would help us to relax and soothe our mind. We should be in a position to control our mind.

Here are some of the tips which can help us tide it over:-

  1. People are more hooked on to their cell phones. We have more virtual friends and virtual talks rather than actual ones. We have to make sure that we take time off from our virtual self and intermingle with the reality around us.
  2. Try to soothe your senses. We should listen to soft music and not indulge in ear shattering music. These soothing sounds have tremendous impact on our senses. They would relax our senses and would help us to sleep properly.
  3. We shouldn’t be into the gadgets; they are very distracting and make us restless.
  4. We should abstain ourselves from playing aggressive games which change our behaviour and also tend to become more and more aggressive.
  5. We should focus more on controlling not just our five senses – like taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing but also our spiritual senses.
  6. Acceptance – The ability to accept the way it is. The quicker we understand and start implementing in our life the better we would be in mental peace.
  7. Patience is another very common trait that is missing these days. Patience is the key ingredient in constructing an anxiety free world.
  8. Importance of listening and being less judgemental about others. It helps us cope with the peer pressure
  9. Energise yourself with positivity it helps you to face any kind of situation in the way it is.
  10. Meditate, focus your inner self and try to channelize your inner power into focusing at a point.

5 thumb rules to for 2020:-

  1. Socialize
  2. Be Positive
  3. Accept
  4. Share
  5. Love all

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