Spiderman Gloves: Climb Up Walls Like Spiderman

We at some point of time, have always secretly aspired to be superheroes and must have leaped and jumped and did acrobats to help that damsel in distress…Ahemmm (Might be in dreams, but we wanted to).  How many times have we watched the Marvel movies and got awestruck watching marvel characters or how many times have we run around our house in cape and sword or tried to climb walls thinking we are superheroes…not once, or twice but many times, isn’t it?

We all nurture that dormant subdued emotion in the subconscious mind to feel that we are extra special, extra strong and are the only saviors and not to forget the damsel in distress, he..Chuckled!! And one such character I can relate to is Spiderman. I grew up watching several superhero characters and among them, I used to like Spiderman. How he would just climb buildings and zip past from one building to another with the help of his superhuman capabilities. I used to get awestruck, really….But now, here is the twist…Read carefully…what if I say you can also climb tall buildings and scale heights like spiderman…Nahhh…not with any external instruments but with your spiderman gloves and shoes…What if?? I can see your face, you are thinking I am kidding…No Sir I am not, that is what Boring Portal is all about…Technologies unheard of, products which you can never imagine, this portal gives you an insight into such weird, peculiar and unthinkable products…..Let us put our hands together for …..Spiderman gloves and shoes….Wooooaaahhh!!

The team of engineers in Cornell University, in Newyork, has come up with a palm-size device that creates a reversible adhesive bond that works on the finding that surface tension of the water can glue an object to the surface. Professor Paul Steel, a biomolecular, discovered that if we pump small droplets of water, through microscopic holes in the plate, the surface tension of water can enable it to stick to other surfaces, and then by switching the electric field the plate can immediately become unstuck.

For this superhuman like superability, the inspiration has not come from Spiderman, but, from Palmetto Tortoise Beetle, Florida. It essentially uses the principle of surface tension created by tiny sized droplets of secreted oil, at the top of the legs, to stick and climb the surfaces.

Still research work is going on and hopefully, we might come out with such product where scaling of the building like Spiderman would not be a formidable task but can be achieved by the snap of a finger. It would surely help the paramilitary forces to scale heights independently.

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