Top Chair – A Wheel Chair that can make a world of difference to the specially challenged people

Independence!!! how important is this word for YOU…A lot…I bet. To be independent and to live life to the fullest is very important, for wellness and for great mental and physical growth. We as in people with no physical disability, we measure this independence in terms of money or in more generalized version as materialistic wealth.

But what about people with limited ability? For them to work on their own without anybody’s support is like empowering them to lead life to the fullest. Everyone faces challenges in life. Some are visible, some are not. Those with visible physical challenges are the ones who are subjected to cold and hard truths of life, putting lids and casting shadows on simple daily chores that we follow. Why not open a whole new world to them where they are not dependent on anyone and they can independently survive and accomplish tasks.

They don’t want our sympathy or support; they want to be treated with respect and dignity, like us. We can achieve that with this revolutionary, well crafted electric wheel chair. The chair comes with adjustable joystick and LCD screen to control functions. The caterpillar like tracks helps to overcome steps (helps to scale flight of stairs) without anybody’s help. Comes with two 400 Watt motors drive tracks and two 350 Watt motors power wheels. Helps to move around without taking any support. Daunting for people who are physically challenged but this wheel chair would empower them to live independently. Give them love, gift them with Topchair NOW!!

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