Mebo – Home Robot that can be your secret service agent

Home robots are those very cute programmable machines who would dance to your tunes and would do your house hold chores like cleaning, moping, dusting, etc., without even uttering a word. How cool is that!!

Mebo also is one such robot but with a difference. It does the work of fetching items, but wait it also does detective work for you. Now you would be pondering what detective work, wait, do you have elder sister to poke and disturb. Then, you would need this all the more to snoop into her activities. The girlie talks you want to catch up with which you would like to report to your mom afterwards. I can see that sheepish grin on your face now.

Mebo would do it for you without even getting intercepted by your rival gang.  Hear what Mebo will hear, see what Mebo sees without even getting caught. Take pictures, record videos for those evidences. It comes with inbuilt sound effects, and voice changer functionality which in turn would enable you to conceal your identity. What more to ask for…..Be that pesky, mean brother and get hold of Mebo NOW….



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