Coffee Mug With a Surprising vent to keep the unsolicited usage at bay

How about a cup of coffee while working?  If you are one of those persons who loves to sip intermittently while working, then you must have kept a mug at your bay. You have!! Oops, do you know there may be many snoopy people who might be blatantly disregarding your property and using it for their services. OMG, you seem a tad worried now. Your immediate thought would be, let me confront those people or let me break my mug.. no mug, no coffee, no outsiders 🙂  Don’t worry too much, as this product is designed to ward off such people who don’t have any respect for other’s property. It is a Mug with a Hole :). Nobody would want leaky cups and if they still use, they will be in for a surprise or for a big shock. So whenever you are ready to have that stress relieving cuppa just plug the hole. Gift this to yourself ,a cup with a hole….Now only thing you need to worry about is that it doesn’t land in the trash thinking its useless, for the rest, stay assured.

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