Quotes from Dilip Bam !

Dilip Bam, famous Indian  motorcyclist and test rider passed away in 2016 suddenly at age 69. He was an engineer from prestigious IIT Roorkie and an MBA from XLRI. He taught at many business schools in Pune.

He  had some interesting things to say. I am quoting some of those:


  • Old dreams become stale ! So do not wait but act now to fulfill your dreams !
  • At 20 you think you will first do this and later something else at 30 or 35. Smart people start with  that something else directly at 20.
  • Identify if you have some skills that can make you happy and you are good at it and focus on it, but you have to weigh if it gives you money to survive !
  • I like to spend time with people who are 20 years younger to me, as spending time with old people makes me feel old.

Sanjeev Sharma

Consultant and Author of '5 Core Methods of Innovation'

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