10 best gifts for your dad this Christmas

Dad the best support system, companion and protector. Whether, it is the first bike ride, or your first heartbreak or your first crush you have him all the time with you to protect you, to support you giving you the perfect advice. Whether you like him or not but he is always there to fall back on. The person who silently overlooks your problems and comes up with solutions that actually work. Now is the time to tell him how much you love. There are so many gifts, but this Christmas gift him with something unique, something creative, something just out of the box. Here are few Christmas gift ideas that you can surely add on to your list:-

  • Tactical Flashlight

If your dad is an outdoors person and loves to go camping or hiking then this is the gift you can gift him. It is a wide beam flashlight and it has longer battery life and super-efficient. As the base is magnetic you can attach it to any place. It has 4 different settings. It is water-resistant and can withstand any kind of fall without any breakage or damage. Easy storage and you can make it work as a book light, emergency lamp or flashlight. And the cost is $10.

  • Smart Wallet (Archaon)

Wallets are like a lifeline for dads. Everything that you can think of would be stored, but dads are forgetful sometimes and the debit/credit cards are always at risk. This gift would secure the wallet by RFID technology. It is very stylish and modern and not at all bulky. With the push of a button, you can get at the most 5 cards that you can safely use. It is made of aluminum frame and leather material. Compact and lightweight. Good Christmas gift at $21.98

  • Smart Reusable Notebook with Pen

If your dad loves to take notes then this is the best gift you can think of. It is eco-friendly. The pages are made of synthetic material for smooth handwriting. It comes with a pen and a towel. It is reusable as you need to write, organize as it is connected with all the cloud services, scan, and use reuse. This notebook will last for years and make your dad remember your Christmas gift for ages.

  • Smart Shaver(Panasonic)

Perfect gift for all the dads. It comes with 5 ultra-sharp precision and it follows the face contours and gives a quick, comfortable and close shave. Wet and Dry shaving. Built-in sensors internally adjusts the cutting power depending on the beard density. Powerful motor and ultra-sharp blades for that flawless finish.

  • Smart Mug for Coffee or Tea

If your dad would like to sip coffee or tea at the perfect temperature and is very particular about it then this is the perfect gift for your dad. The temperature of the mug is adjusted through the button on the handle. Remotely through the app, you can change the color and the temperature. It is made of stainless steel with ceramic coating. It keeps your tea or coffee warm for 2 to 8 hours depending on the setting of the temperature. It costs $79.

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