Hitch Hiking App Design by Sanjeev Sharma

Sanjeev Sharma, author of ‘5 Core Methods of Innovation’ gave an interview in the Ed Tyll Radio Show today.

He explained how a powerful new app can be created using just 1 method out of the ‘5 Core Methods of Innovation’.

He transposed the concept of people to people service from Airbnb to Uber and said a GPS based hitch hiking app could be created where people are willing to pay a small fee to go in cars of other people. A background check would be done before people become members of this Service. This way a lot of people can identify people in their neighborhoods travelling to same destinations and can share the rides.

Probably they can change multiple cars to reach their destinations and each car is paid a small fee based on the distance traveled.

Sorry Mr Elon Musk, but you wont need to dig tunnels after that to reduce traffic on roads !


  • Rob

    Any idea when this would be launched ?